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“Breathtaking chapters that break down complex issues like racism, white Privilege, and structural inequality scaled through AI in an insightful, Relatable way.”  —  LA Times

Calvin D.


Distinguished Engineer & Author

What happens when you realize that an apparently progressive revolution (if left unchecked) could be the beginning of impending destruction? Hidden in White Sight unveils the harsh truth behind technology-embedded AI without guardrails and its connection to systematic racism.

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About The Author

Calvin D. Lawrence

Calvin Lawrence is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM and is responsible for leading teams that design client solutions leveraging data, AI and other innovative technologies. He currently resides in Atlanta Georgia and enjoys spending time with his family, working out and traveling. As a black technologist who has been designing systems for over twenty-five years, Calvin understands all-to-well how technologies like AI can levy out unfortunate consequences for already marginalized communities when left unguarded. The author of Hidden in White Sight views his job at IBM as a fantastic opportunity to serve and foster a change for his community. He sees himself as an agitator and as an instrument to speak truth to power.

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Hidden in White Sight:

Hidden in White Sight is a book by Calvin D. Lawrence that focuses solely on offering a deeper look into AI-violating marginalized groups. This book is unrelenting in showing the countless instances of racism that resulted in injustice and how these and other related situations worked to prolong and entrench Black people's mistrust of technology.

The book delves into the unanticipated consequences of failing to build and adhere to appropriate AI guardrails when employing AI technology throughout. It will also show via examples how, if implemented in a timely and regulated manner; these systems can decrease the negative impact on the Black community as a whole. Calvin D. Lawrence provides insight into the technology using poignant and practical real-life examples how AI impacts both his life and the lives of his community.

Book Description

Artificial Intelligence was meant to be the great social equalizer that helps promote fairness by removing human bias from the equation, but is this true? Given that the policing and judicial systems can display human bias, this book explores how the technology they use can also reflect these prejudices.

From healthcare services to social scoring in exams, to applying for and getting loans, AI outcomes often restrict those most in need of these services. Through personal stories from an esteemed Black Data Scientist and AI expert, this book attempts to demystify the algorithmic black box.

AI pervades all aspects of modern society and affects everyone within it, yet its internal biases are rarely confronted. This book advises readers on what they can do to fight against it, including the introduction of a proposed AI Bill of Rights, whilst also providing specific recommendations for AI developers and technologists.

Table of Contents Contents

How AI Empowers and Deepens Systemic Racism

Preface *

Introduction *

  • Chapter 1: Listening Ears *
  • Chapter 2: The Racist Algorithm *
  • Chapter 3: The American Dream *
  • Chapter 4: AI Gone Wild *
  • Chapter 5: An Enduring Legacy *
  • Chapter 6: Our Authentic Selves *
  • Chapter 7: Mass Unemployment *
  • Chapter 8: Medically Induced Trauma *
  • Chapter 9: Colored Ads *
  • Chapter 10: Weapons of Mass Destruction *
  • Chapter 11: Designers’ Dilemma *
  • Chapter 12: Corporate Choice *
  • Chapter 13: Algorithmic Justice *
  • Conclusion - How Can I Help?

Join Calvin as he educates people about the adverse consequences of unchecked AI on unprivileged communities in his regular podcasts. Join Calvin as he interviews leading industry experts, political, celebrity, and everyday citizens on the hidden impact of AI and accompanying algorithms.

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Hidden in White Sight: In pursuit of Algorithmic justice for the people of color.